Elf on the Shelf is over at the farm

I started December with high hopes and enthusiasm.

I bought two, yes two Elf on the Shelf and had visions of them getting up to mischief every day for Boo to marvel at.

It started well. December 1st saw Elfy bungee in and spend the day hanging above the stairs from the living room to the kitchen.

Hubster didn’t even notice. Thankfully, Boo did but, after a trying to get me to bring Elfy down and me saying no, Elfy was forgotten until the next day.


We live in a really old farm house and, in our living room, we have an old beam with a chain hanging from it. Hubster assured me it was where they hung meat in the olden days so we kept it when we renovated and, December 2nd saw Elfy swinging from the chain.




By December 3rd, I was struggling. She ended up perched on a baby picture of Boo.


I’m afraid December 4th saw Elfy haphazardly dumped, in perfect reach of Boo on her toy kitchen and this, my friends is where she’s stayed. He was played with and, unfortunately abandoned in the toy shopping trolley.


That’s right. Elf on the Shelf is over at the farm. When I see some of the elaborate things some parents get up to with their Elfy, it just made me feel inadequate so for us, she is going to spend the rest of Advent perched on the tree.


She will still be used as a ‘be a good girl’ threat but no more lying in bed at night, remembering you haven’t moved the Elf.

I honestly feel relieved.

Have you kept Elf on the Shelf up?


*no Elves were harmed in this post. Battered and bruised from being in the shopping trolley but she has made a full recovery from having a rest in the tree.


  1. Ha ha this made me laugh. You did so well! We don’t do elf on a shelf – it seems like one more stress to add to the day and I think the kids would just be a bit non-plussed by the whole thing! The elf looks great on your tree! xxx

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