Encourage Outdoor Time With Bunch o Balloons-A Review

There is something about Sunday mornings at the farm. They just seem a bit slower than any other day-in a good way.

We sometimes keep our pyjamas on longer and I usually don’t blow-dry my hair when I have a shower.

This particular Sunday, the farmer wasn’t around. He was getting the hay bales in out of the field so I knew this was the perfect opportunity to try to the bonanza we were sent from Zuru Bunch o Balloons.

We received:

3 x ‘Splash to Win’ 3 packs
1  x Bunch o Balloons Filler / Soakers
1 x branded Bunch o Balloons towels

It is quite a clever invention really, you attach a hose to the Splash to Win packs and 100 water balloons are filled and tied in 60 seconds. Perfect for time-strapped parents and inpatient children.

The balloons are not only recyclable but they are biodegradable too so there is no guilty conscience with this activity.

I put our Bunch o Balloons on the tuff tray but they would be equally amazing in a paddling pool too.

The children loved them. They are marketed to an older child so that they can fill themselves but we actually made it into an educational game, spotting the different colours, counting and language skills like pop, splash and wet for the little one.

Wet was a well used word that morning.

I felt I was winning at life though. Rather than get them dressed, then they get drenched and have to be changed, they got wet in their pyjamas and, when they had finished playing, we got dressed. Genius.

As if that wasn’t enough though, we also received a Zuru Bunch O Balloon Filler/Soaker. This means you can take your Bunch o Balloons on the road. As long as there is some kind of water source, you can play them anywhere.

While we did enjoy it in the garden, imagine how amazing it would be if you took it to the park. It is light enough also to be able to be packed so any sun holidays planned can be enjoyed even more with Bunch O Balloons at the pool or the sea.

Did I mention the balloons are self-tying? Total game changer. No fiddly tying and no children moaning about having to wait.

We really enjoyed the Bunch o Balloons-even me.

You know I totally endorse outdoor play and mine are young enough to not be bothered about TV and computer games but Bunch o Balloons are a really fun way of getting children away from screens and outside.

What are you waiting for?

I have a very exciting prize for you to win.

One lucky winner will receive:
• 1 x Splash to Win’ 3 packs
• 1 x Bunch o Balloons Filler / Soakers

All you have to do to be in with a chance is fill in the Rafflecopter below.

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We were sent our Bunch o Balloons for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


    1. They are made from natural rubber, plus an additive that accelerates the rotting process. According to people in hot countries, they just melt but I imagine you put them in the same place as tea bags. They are made from recycled materials too

  1. I think my favourite Sunday morning activity is probably to do a bit of gardening. It’s so lovely to be outside, espcially when it’s sunny and I can hear the bees – bliss! These balloons look great fun!

  2. usually visit family. I love to go to car boot sales but can never get my other half up early enough grr

  3. Sunday’s are definitely for chilling out and relaxing on the sofa with the whole family 🙂

  4. Sunday morning are manic in our household! The hubby goes to his Sunday league football and I have to take my little boy to his football lessons with his sister in tow moaning the whole time! Sunday afternoons are family time for us! Lots of fun in the garden so long as its not raining!!

  5. I love a lie in if the kids allow it and a read of a good book. We then like to go out for a family walk before lunch

  6. Ideal Sunday morning is to sit with the newspapers or a good book and have a long slow breakfast (preferably in bed)

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