Farm Themed Movies

If you have little farm children like me, you will know they live and breath farm. They love to visit farm attractions, read farm themed books and programmes about farming on the television. I suppose it is only like the farmer and I who read farming books and magazines, get excited about Countryfile and This Farming Life and then also don’t mind visiting petting farms with the children as you get to have a nosey around someone else’s place.

Farm themed films are also very popular around here so I thought I would share some of my favourites.

They are not in order of preference but I would say the number of times it has been watched here is a big indicator of how much they love it.

1. Chicken run. When I was researching this post, I was surprised that this movie came out in 2000. I suppose the beauty of Aardmann Animations are their timelessness. The children think this is a hilarious film and, unlike some films aimed at children, this is one the whole family can enjoy.

2. We watched Charlotte’s Web over half term and we all enjoyed this one. I read the book as a child and I was fully expecting pleas for pigs after it but G, who I thought would be the one with the pig campaign seemed to be more interested in the spider. It is a heart warming one whether you watch the older film or the more recent one with Dakota Fanning. We also had a bit of a conversation about death-especially on a farm which I think is quite important for children.

3. Babe. Another piggy movie and another heart warming one. Even I wished that animals could talk after watching this. I couldn’t believe the film is almost 25 years old. I think I went to see it at the cinema when I was a teenager. Doesn’t time fly? I think that made it extra special when I watched it with my three as it kind of went full circle.

4. Of all the farm films they’ve watched, by far their favourite is Shaun the Sheep and the sequel, Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas.

They must watch them at least twice a week. I suppose we are a sheep farm after all. Once again, they are Aardmann Animations and we all enjoy them (the first 15 times).

5. Ferdinand is probably the most recent farm movie and it is about a group of bullfighting bulls and a little goat.

My four year old sat transfixed for the whole film and proceeded to play bulls for the rest of the day. It is a really good film and I recommend this for the whole family too.

Who doesn’t love a farm film? What is your favourite?


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