Farm Themed Wedding Cakes

One of the most important parts of a wedding is the cake. Years ago, wedding cakes were always fruit and traditionally, some couples kept the top tier to be used as a christening cake for their first child.

Nowadays, the world is your oyster when it comes to flavours. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, cakes can be made to taste like anything you wish.

Even Prince William and Kate had an alternative tiffin-style cake because that is what the Prince liked.

Not everyone loves cake. Some prefer savoury. I love the idea of cakes of cheese which you can serve with crackers, olives and antipasti as an evening buffet. I think this is an even nicer idea if you are dairy farmers or actually make cheese for a living.

For farm themed wedding cakes though, I bit of fun with the cake is a lovely idea. Integrating the type of farming you do with your cake.

Matching your nails to your cake.

Then there comes the choice of cake topper. Do you haver one fashioned of yourselves? Will your trusty dog be involved or your favourite car?

Tractors are always a good and obvious choice. Make sure you get the colour right though. No one wants a bride or groom crying on their wedding day when the cake has a green tractor on it but they drive a Massey Ferguson.

If one of you is into horses, having a cake stand made out of horse shoes is such a lovely idea and one which can be used for years to come, each time you need to display something.

I have called this post farm-themed wedding cakes but they could also be used for that special birthday or a baptism celebration. They seem too good to only be enjoyed once in a life time.

I just need to divorce my farmer and marry him again so we can have another wedding.

I also have a farm themed wedding post which you can read here.

*Huge thank you to all the farm wives who let me use their cake photos


  1. Love this post! I really like the cheese cakes, not sure why we didn’t have one really but I made mine with my sisters instead of buying. It’s great to have a cake that’s representative of you and what you’re into rather than just a standard one.

  2. I would have loved a cheese one too. I might just get one for my next birthday haha x

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