Farm Wedding Theme Ideas

When we got married, I didn’t go totally farm-themed for the celebrations. I think if we got married again, I would definitely choose more farm inspired things to decorate our day. Our tables were named after cow breeds as, at the time, my husband farmed beef. The top table was Aberdeen Angus. I suppose if we did it now, sheep would feature prominently in there too.

I have collated an amazing array of ideas from other farmer’s wives to show the best farm-themed wedding ideas.

1. Save the date cards on animal ear tags. Isn’t this novel? They are quite cheap too and can be used as keyring for guests.

2. Have the bride/groom or both arrive on tractors. Either classic ones or cleaned up farm vehicles. Not only do tractors provide a great back drop for photos but it would be so lovely to start your life as a farming couple by driving away in a tractor too.

3. Like us with the cow breeds, name your tables so that they correspond with whatever you farm. Sheep breeds, fields on your farm, crops, Country music songs, tractor makes and models. The world or at least the farm is your oyster.

4. Either hire or do up a classic tractor and drive it into your venue or, if you are having the reception in a hotel, park it outside the door. Adorn it with disposable cameras and get guests to take photos of themselves on the tractor. So much more personal than a guest book and you really can look back with fondness.

5. If you are planning a photo booth (or even for the classic tractor in point four) leave a little box of farm props for people to wear and have silly photos taken in. Beards, mustashes, straw hats, flat caps, sheaths of wheat or barley so tuck behind people’s ears.

6. Egg cups can be relateively cheap to buy and what a great idea for place names. Guests can take them home as a memento and, if you’re really brave you could even have eggs in them with the names written on. I’m not sure I would be so brave to have real eggs near a white dress so rubber ones would do or, if you get married in Spring or around Easter time, chocolate eggs would be a good option.

7. Have little bales of straw or hay dotted around the place. They don’t need to be the massive ones. Tiny ones could even be used in the centre of the tables.

8. Another option for table centre pieces is to use whatever you grow. Eggs for example in a pretty basket, wheat, barley or oats in a vase; or wooden animals to represent the names of the tables.

9. One idea I thought was so lovely is to use old milk churns down the aisle. I love old milk churns and I found one at the farm which I am supposedly getting painted but haven’t heart anything back from the lady I gave it to.


10. Small milk churns can also be bought from floristry supplies and I have even bought one myself from TK Max. They would be great vases for the wheat and other crops you may want to showcase.

11. One lady I saw was a potato farmer and used potatoes with flowers in the centre of her tables. I absolutely love this. It just shows that even the humble potato can be made into a thing of beauty and it is so personal to that couple.

12. Old tin buckets would look lovely with flowers in them. You can also either by them with black boards on them or get the black board paint yourself and write things in chalk on them.

13. Logs cut up seem a popular theme for farm weddings. They bring the outdoors in and look so lovely holding things.

14. If you farm vegetables, little towels in a last pot with moss would look lovely as a decorative item.

15. If you are dairy farmers, it might be nice to have a cake of cheese rather than a traditional sponge. You can still have a cake topper and it would negate the need for an evening buffet. Just cut the cheese and provide crackers, chutney and grapes.

16. Another lovely favour ideas is jars of homemade jam or chutney or, if you are really pressed for time or inclination, buy them in bulk of someone local and either get them to print labels or print your own.

17. If you’re into horses, giving each guest a horse shoe is a nice idea or, if you are really clever like artist, Sophie-Charlotte, you could even make a fantastic cake stand like this out of horseshoes.

18. You can’t get more farmer than wellies. Some couples opt for ornamental ones filled with decorative items or flowers. Others go for the real thing and, either plant flowers in them or have them centre stage in the middle of the tables. Either way, you can’t get more farm than that.

19. Again if milk is something you produce, those little milk bottles can be picked up quite cheaply in discount stores or online and they look s beautiful with single stem flowers in them like roses to peonies.

20. Another thing that most farms have lying around is tyres. We have loads of them and I have regularly planted some up with bedding plants or bulbs. It would take some planning if you are getting married off the farm but it could be done and they do look really good.

21. If shooting is your thing then using old shot gun cartridges would be a lovely idea-either mounted on key rings as favours or save the date or glued around vases as novel centre pieces.

22. Staying with the game theme, displays of feathers around your venue would be beautiful and they could even be incorporated in the brides bouquet and on button holes.

23. Farming isn’t all about tractors. Pick up trucks and Land Rovers are also loved so motifs of your favourite country vehicle would be a great idea.

24. If you want the memory of your wedding to last longer than the actual day for your guests, another nice idea for favours would be little plant pots and personalised packets of seeds. You could even adorn the packets with little quotes about growing love which again would be a lovely idea.

25. If you don’t slaughter your own animals, I know it may be a logistical problem but wouldn’t it be lovely to treat guests to your own lamb, beef or chicken? You could surprise them with it at the end of the meal when they are all singing its praises.

I have really enjoyed writing this piece and I really wish I could get married all over again. Have you chosen a farm-themed wedding? I would love to hear any of your ideas.


*Huge thank you to all the farm wives who let me use their wedding photos


  1. Love this piece. Wish I could marry my husband again to incorporate more of these ideas!

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