#Farm24 2017 We are Proud to be British Farmers

Ever wondered what life is like as a farmer?

Then this Thursday, August 10th, 2017 is your chance to find out.

The newspaper and community at Farmer’s Guardian is hosting their annual #Farm24 day which allows everyone involved in farming to use social media to reach out to the general public and tell the world why farming is so important.

It couldn’t come at a better time.

The opportunity for people to see a live social media feed of farmers up and down the land, letting people know what they get up to in any one day.

For the average person working 9-5, when your alarm goes off at 7am for example, a farmer will, more than likely have already been up for hours.

Farming is seven days a week, 365 days a year-even Christmas Day.

We forfeit holidays and nights out. Family time and fun to bring food to the tables of the nation.

We put love into our work because we love what we do. We couldn’t do it if we didn’t love it and even me, who wasn’t born into farming has had the way of life and the enthusiasm rubbed off onto me.

It is infectious.

I will be taking part in #Farm24 myself on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts so, if you don’t follow me, why not?

My day will not be like my husband’s as he is more hands on than me plus it is school holidays and I look after the children but behind every good farmer is a good farmer’s wife and, I will try and get out there to show you some animals and what Hubster is up to.

I might even try to upload a video.

Make sure you search for the hashtag #Farm24 and support us on this special day.

Also, if you are a farmer and want to take part in this special day, use the hashtag #Farm24 and email video clips directly to fa****@fg*******.com

Also check out the Farmer’s Guardian YouTube channel as they have loads of clips uploaded about life on a variety of different farms.


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