1. Anne Brooke

    Beautiful home Emma (I love a good transformation) and from where I’m sitting it looks very finished. We bought our old fixer upper 5 years ago and thanks to our ever numbering little lovelies we’re still only about 40% done. It has lovely bones though just like yours and I think one day will be perfect (maybe lol!). We’re just trying to muster the enthusiasm to the hall and stairwells but its painstaking as we’re trying to keep the original features, this has served as some much needed inspiration, thank you.xa

  2. Craigo

    What a lovely job you have done. The house is looking great. How you do all the things you do with young children I do not know. Fantastic. All the best Craig.

  3. Nora Naughton

    Love the before and after, and I’m sure there are during pics! Ha ha. I’m sure it was a lot of hard work . g[d luck in your lovely home ! I love quirky homes

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