Farmhouse Style-The Story of Our Kitchen Table

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about other people’s kitchen tables.

Today, I am telling you all about ours. My table was pictured in the last post. Did you spot it? Did you guess?

When we moved to the farm, we had lived in a terraced house and had a lovely little table but, with the larger kitchen at the farm, it was lost so I was on the search for a big one.

I’m not really a fan of new furniture. I scoured ebay and other selling sites and eventually found ‘the one’.

It was a five by five foot Java table with eight chairs.

I managed to get it for £20. What a bargain.

I broke the news to Hubster and he sighed but resigned himself to come with me to collect it.

We hooked the trailer on my car, put Boo in the back (we only had one child at that time) and off we went to a neighbouring village.

We always row when we are looking for places and following directions and this occasion was no different.

We went round and round in circles and eventually rang the seller for directions.

We had to drive down a canal tow path.

It became a white knuckle ride with us veering precariously near the edge and Hubster moaning that there was nothing wrong wth the table we already had.

Not being great with sizes, we were actually amazed at the size of the table and did worry how we would get it home.

Thankfully, the legs came off and we got the table and three chairs in the trailer.

We had to somehow cram the remaining five chairs into to the back of the car and navigate our way back along the tow path.

The air may well have been blue.

Now my kitchen is all farmhouse cream so I intended to paint the table but, when we first got it and I thought I had no time with one child (oh how I laugh at that now), I just out a table cloth on it and it just fitted into our lives.

I still had dreams of painting it but when G came along, time was in short supply and, when it was time for his baptism, I did a botch job and just painted the legs with cream gloss.

While three children made time even more precious, during harvest this year when Hubster worked late, I did manage to paint the top of the table cream, the table cloth is back on because I haven’t had time to wax it.

The point is though, while my table may have caused a huge argument when we got it, it has seen some things.

Birthdays, Christmas dinners, parties, christenings.

It has had tears shed around it-mostly the children when they wanted chocolate before tea but also from me.

It is around the table where letter have been read and news-both good and bad digested.

I have sat there having just produced a positive pregnancy test and, on two occasions since we have had the table where those pregnancies haven’t made it.

I have sat there with Hubster excited abut the pregnancies that did get there and wondered what the baby will look like and whether we could cope with two three.

We have placed precious babies on the table in their car seats when they first arrive home. I have changed nappies on there, hatched eggs on there, iced cakes on there.

We have crafted, painted, baked and played on our kitchen table.

Toy tractors have been driven around the top of the table dodging dinner plates and glasses of juice.

I have caught the dog on the table, eagerly looking for snacks when the kids (annoyingly to the dog) have not dropped anything on the floor.

There has been mini Christmas trees, Easter trees, homemade centre pieces made by Boo at school.

We did go through a phase of thinking about a different, smaller table as we were both convinced it would make our kitchen look bigger.

Thankfully, for the table, we decided against that as, with another child, should visitors come to eat, we need the full eight places (or more) to fit everyone. Have a look next time you read one of my blog posts. If the post is food related, my table will definitely be there.

I am not sure how old the table was when we bought it but in the five years we have had it, it has seen some definite action.

We love our kitchen table. It is definitely the most important piece of furniture in our home.

I wonder what is next in it’s story?


  1. Oh I feel just the same about furniture, I never buy it new. These days it tends to be flimsy and lack character. Love the story of your table, what a life it has led!

  2. Oh I love that! Also using toy dump trucks for the party food is ingenious and I will definitely be doing that for my nephew when he gets a bit bigger!

  3. Great decision of choosing a bigger kitchen table instead of a small one! You never know how many visitors you may have in your farmhouse one day. Thanks for sharing this lovely story.

  4. Fab post. Wonderful celebrations of all sorts My husband made our kitchen table and benches out of a big decking we took down when we first moved here. (We also used the timber from it for joists when replacing some of the ceilings, saved us a tonne of money.)

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