Five Festive Ways With Nuts


Every Christmas I see those bags of nuts in the supermarket.

I remember as a child, my Nana used to get them and she kept them in a wooden bowl (possibly nut shaped) on a table with a nutcracker next to them.

I remember sitting by them and looking at the strange shapes and smelling them.

So this year I bought my own little bag of Christmas nuts and smelling them sent me right back to being a little girl at my Nana’s.

So I have devised five things you can do with the nuts so that they don’t just get left in nut-shaped bowls all over the country.

1.Sit there and eat them as they are. Obviously. It may not be an amazing idea but one that many people must do-otherwise why would they still be sold?
2.Toast them in the oven with some festive flavour-maybe sugar and cinnamon or, for a savoury version, try chilli flakes and paprika.
3.Christmas nut butter. You could just use one type of nut to make the butter but I think shoving them all in there lends itself to more of a festive flavour.
4.Christmas pesto. Like the nut butter, put them all in but this would work very well with walnuts. Imagine it drizzled on bread with some cheese after a meal.
5.Make a Christmas granola-chop up your chosen nuts and mix with oats, ginger (for that true Christmassy flavour), honey or maple syrup dried fruit and bake I the oven for 20 minutes. You could even pour it into little Kilner jars and hand it out as gifts.

I don’t know what it is about nuts at Christmas but they definitely put me in a festive mood.

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