1. I agree they are wonderful. We were living in the country and had chickens and it was so lovely. We gave them away to a beautiful family when we moved, but now I am missing them so much! We move again in a couple of weeks and I would love to get some more. We will be suburban so no Rooster, but I would love a couple of hens walking around our garden. We’ll see.

  2. Every week my children get a chicken dose at the stables where my daughter has riding lessons. Every week they ask me if we can have some chickens as pets! My answer is that I hope some day we have a place where we can keep some. I also buy my eggs from there which more often than not are just laid.

  3. Hi Emma – I have to go to the UK unexpectedly after a family death so I have not had time to read any #AnimalTales posts this week and I will do so when I get back. Please note there will be no linky this coming Tuesday – sorry.

  4. You had me at eggs. One of the great regrets of the apartment living lifestyle I seem committed to is the lack of opportunity to keep chickens.

    That said, my daughter’s school has a LOT of outdoor space they aren’t using…

  5. Catching up at last with #AnimalTales – 5 excellent points there, not that I needed any persuading. My latest gite guests even bought a chicken with them (a 2 week old chick) – that has to be a first!!

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