Goat Pregnancy Update

I have been pregnant five times (three babies) so I am no stranger to the worries of growing a mini human can bring.

Over the last few months though, my worries have been transferred to another pregnancy woe.

After the Billy Goat visited, there has been much speculation as to whether little Chip is pregnant.

She seemed to have a belly growth spurt so I was convinced she was. Then it all slowed down so I did wonder if she had just eaten too much.

Thankfully, over the last fortnight or so, the belly is on the grow again and her lady bits have changed so I know she definitely is.

You would think with lambing and my own pregnancies that I would be quite relaxed about animal births and believe me, I usually am but this is my first time kidding and I cannot stop thinking about it.

Thankfully, Chip is quite near to the farmhouse so I can see her from the door. I say thankfully because it means I don’t have to bundle the kids outside every ten minutes when I am frantically looking for signs.

I *may* have googled signs of goat labour many times over the last few weeks.

According to accurate goat-pregnancy-calculations, I think the day may be around January 25th. However it is Boo’s birthday a week before that and, I don’t know why, but I am convinced the goatlette(s) will arrive on or around her birthday.

I joined a pygmy goat group on Facebook and I think I am annoying them with my questions.

They did say a female close to kidding will have a discharge coming from her vulva so guess what I have been studying closely. Believe me, anyone reading this who knew me before I became a farmer’s wife will shake their heads in disbelief at that one sentence.

They also said she might saw at the ground, take herself off from the others, have glazed eyes, go off food and become quite vocal. Seeing as pygmy goats are sometimes born with horns, I am not surprised about her being vocal.

Like any expecting parent (or grandparent-I know, I know), it is simply a waiting game. Labour will only happen when Chip is ready and the baby is ready to come.

I am hoping for a good outcome and, if I am completely honest, twins.

If all goes well, I will obviously bore you all to tears with baby goat pictures. On social media, I plan to use the hashtag #goatlettes2018 so keep your eye out.


  1. I am hoping the goatlette arrives on 25th – my birthday….they called the goat in The Good Life Geraldine, so if it does arrive you know what you have to do! But will it be a Geraldine – or a Gerald?

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