Great British Bake Off Bakealong 2016, Week Five-Mini Manchester Tarts (Fail)


I thought, having got past bread week, the rest of my Great British Bake Off Bake-Along would be easy.

It seems pastry is my latest fail though.

I decided to make the Northern British Classic that is Manchester Tart. Having had much experience making a large version (it’s Husbter’s favourite), I set my mind upon a mini version.

Even wearing my new blog-inspired apron.


Alas, it was not to be.

With them being individual, I decided the tarts needed to be deep fill so I cut out my pastry with my largest cutter, added baking beans and put them in the oven for ten minutes and couldn’t believe it when I opened the oven door.


The pastry had risen somehow and enveloped the beans. It has also only come up half way in the tin. I had to throw away the pastry and the beans.

All was not lost. I was tidying the kitchen at the same time and G was playing outside so I thought I’d have another go.


So off I went again. This time using a large mug as the cutter and it seemed much better. The pastry came right up and over the tin so I was hopeful.

I had also rolled the pastry much thinner-blaming the thickness on the fact it had semi-risen.

I cried when I opened the oven door.

This is what I was greeted with.


G did enjoy nibbling the warm, sweet pastry but I decided there and them to abandon my bake-along for this week.

I have an order for cakes for a Macmillan coffee morning on Friday so I will focus on them and hope they turn out better.


If you are interested, here is my original Manchester Tart recipe.


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