Happy Birthday Boo


We are a bit out of sync this year. I decided when Boo was one, to have a party every other year for her birthday.

We had a small one for her first birthday which didn’t count and then one for her second at home.

Last year, we went to Knowesley Safari Park so, by rights, she should have had one this year.

Unfortunately, the baby is due a week after her birthday and, I know it is mean, but I just couldn’t do it.

What is I’d organised the party and then ended up in labour? I just didn’t think it was worth the worry.

We thought we would take her out for the day. Maybe Lego Land at the Trafford Centre, the cinema or some other lovely place.

Hubster asked Boo last week where she would like to go for her birthday and, do you know where she wanted to go?


That’s right.

So who are we to deprive the birthday girl of her wish for her fourth birthday?

Unfortunately, Boo had suffered from a stomach bug just days before her birthday and guess who woke up on the morning of her actual birthday being sick?

That’s right.

Thankfully, daddy, nana and grandad came to the rescue and made her day not as rubbish but I still felt incredibly guilty not able to fully participate in festivities.

On the plus side, she got to play with all of her new, lovely toys and, daddy still got her a Happy Meal for tea.


I can’t believe that four short years have flown by. My beautiful baby starts school this year and we are about to set foot on another baby journey.

Boo is the best thing to ever happen to me. I just hope I can eat cake next year.



  1. Ahhh sounds like she had a really brilliant day and I hope you’re a lot better now. I can’t believe z is four either. The years really really have flown by so quickly!!

  2. Oh no 🙁 hope you feel better soon. Although it could be an early sign off labour rather than a bug, this happened to a few of my friends a day or two before baby showed up.xx

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