Happy New Year 2016


We all use a New Year as an excuse to reflect and look back on the year just gone and look forward to the next.

I am no different. I am actually done with New Year’s Resolutions. You never stick to them. I heard wise person say if you want to do something (or not as the case may be) you could do it all year so why put pressure on yourself in January?

The last year has been a joy and a challenge.


Boo finished reception and started Year One. She is a joy every day and I love spending time with her and watching her grow. She has lost quite a few baby teeth (mostly swallowed) and really is growing up but it is a delight to see.

Her little brother has changed so much in a year. I think the development between 12 and 24 months is astounding but even his features have changed too.


He is never still so all of that delicious baby chub has gone and he is developing a very determined yet lovable little character.

As a couple, Hubster and I have celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary which we marked with a family meal at home due to the growing bump.

Thank goodness, the only death in the family this year has been poor Minty, my beloved pet sheep whose presence is still missed in the field nearest the house.


Before writing this post, I had a quick look back at a similar post I wrote last year to see what had happened.

In 2015, the biggest thing to happen in our lives was the arrival of G but it did make me chuckle that, at the end of that post, I joked that I hoped 2016 might bring “one more baby”. It seems my dream may have come true with the prayed for arrival of baby number three in early Spring.


We have had a lovely Christmas this year. Quieter than usual in the sense that we didn’t venture out as much but we did manage to visit what is now our almost annual trip to the miniature railway at High Legh garden centre in Lymm for a family train ride and a visit to Santa.

I cooked this year with ten family members gathered around our table.

The children received some wonderful gifts and we are all thankful for the blessings we have.


We are now looking forward to a New Year filled with a sixth and second birthday and hoping for the healthy and safe arrival of our next but almost certainly last, farm baby.

Thank you for sticking with me this year. It is much appreciated.

Wishing all of my readers a healthy and happy 2017.


  1. I love your photos and I’m also a huge fan of your attitude to new year’s resolutions. I haven’t really made any this year although I’m on a sugar detox after the excesses of the Christmas period!

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