Hello third trimester-28 weeks pregnant


Can I have a claxon please?

I am officially into my third trimester. It is true ladies and gentlemen, I am 28 weeks pregnant and you know what that means?

That’s right, my hormones are supersonic I only have 10 weeks left.

Yes, ten little weeks until I will be induced. Yay.

So this week I will be back at the hospital for my 28 week bloods and antenatal as well as a cheeky little growth scan to check to see if my little bun (in the oven) is cooking on the right temperature.

I know I joke but I am diabetic so classed as high risk. They have to do growth scans every six weeks or so to make sure the bun isn’t taking on too much sugar and therefore growing super-size. Ouch.

I am also at a greater risk of pre-eclampsia and still birth but I am trying not to think about that. After all, that is why they are keeping a closer eye on me.

So, fingers crossed, in ten weeks time, I hope to have some good news about a little #farmbaby2015.


  1. I hope all goes well and you enjoy this very special last 10 weeks!
    I’ve been through 2 ‘high risk’ pregnancies – and 1 I didn’t know was high risk. It’s great to hear they are taking good care of you and you’re getting those extra scans.

  2. Ahhh Emma you look amazing. I bet you are so excited not long not at all. I am so very excited for you! Amazing. I can’t wait to hear all about your birth and the new family addition. HURRAY! Just made me broody. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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