1. Oh my god I need these!

    In my recent abdominal surgery they cut from belly button to section wound and then internally they re opended the section wound from inside

    I have found nothing that targets this area and I the pants and bands look amazing.

    I have anoth 2 months of trying to use tubigrip wrap that rolls so going to look at these now

  2. Im

    Hi there!
    Thanks for all the info! I’m wondering what size I should get? I know Belly wraps are supposed to fit quite snug initially in anticipation of getting smaller. But is it the sabr with the undies? If I wanted to wear them a couple of days after a c-section should I get a size bigger than I would in the wrap?

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      They say to go with your own size but I personally would go a bit bigger, just for comfort. Good luck

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