How to Personalise Your House to Make It Feel Like a Home

When you own your property, you want to put your personal stamp on it to reflect your personal tastes. Only when you take this step do you truly feel like your abode is yours. When not doing so, the home reflects some of what the previous owner(s) enjoyed and will never feel right or comfortable.

There are different ways that you can personalise your house or flat to make it feel homely and that it’s your special place. Let’s explore a few of those ways now.

Customize Fixtures & Fittings

We don’t often think about how the radiators look, the appearance of a vector fan or the rails that hold spare towels in one of the bathrooms, but it’s these kind of finishing touches that add something to an otherwise uninspiring bare wall. Whether installing a glass radiator, a decorative towel rail or a fan that fits into its surroundings well, they each add some personality to a home that may be a bit sparse otherwise. For special radiators, towel rails or fans, visit to review their range.

Window Treatments

Whether you’re trying to hide older windows that haven’t been replaced yet because they weren’t in the budget or you’re just trying to make it homelier, dressing the windows offers several advantages over leaving them bare. Firstly, it’s good for privacy. Secondly, whether using Roman blinds or some heavy curtains, there’s an attractive look for every room whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Currently, Roman, wooden and metal blinds are more fashionable than older fabric curtains, but the latter do help keep in the warmth more, so they’re useful in the living room area.

Mood Lighting

The lighting in a room can change it from feeling dark and gloomy to a wider open space that’s inviting to spend time relaxing there. Some lamps would benefit from a replacement lamp shade even if the lamp itself is perfectly functional. LED lighting or at least dimmer controls allow personalised adjustment of the level of illumination in the evening when your eyes could do with a rest.; especially true for people who use a computer a lot during the daytime.

When changing the overhead lighting to LED spotlights isn’t feasible, consider buying several up-lights which come with a long stand and an inverted lampshade to push light up towards the ceiling where it can spread across that part of the room. These types of lighting systems can be moved around and work better than traditional lamps to spread light around. You can always change the bulbs to coloured ones to create a different mood in various areas of the living room.

Creating a home that feels like a place to come home to relax and forget about your troubles is important for your own well-being. Personalising the areas of the home where you spend the most time is important to have it feel relaxing when you’re there. Small touches might feel insignificant, but when combined they make a strong impression and allow the body to be at peace.


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