Hurrah for Bridget Jones I love the new book

Calories 1500 (tying to be good), alcohol units 2 (needed them after rollercoaster emotions of finishing Mad About the Boy, Twitter followers 409, husband 1 (just, after reading book for so long) daughter 1 (but must admit have had a little read while she watched CBeebies). Warm Fuzzy feeling and sadness at finishing said book, 1.


Well I’ve finished it.


In just over 24 hours.


It’s not my personal best-I read things much faster pre-child but my understanding husband had to put up with little or no conversation after Elizabeth’s bedtime last night and nap times have been a godsend!


It was brilliant.


Yes Mark Darcy is dead but it is a gallant Darcy-esque death that would only happen to him. That is all I will say in case any of you haven’t read it yet or are in the middle of it.


The critics spoke of Bridget not growing up but they obviously didn’t read to the end.


Bridget is now in the 21st century with Twitter and Facebook and has to adapt to the new dating world which includes doing online so along with her daily weight and other observations, we also get an amusing tally of Twitter followers and ex-followers.


Her children make her even more endearing as her mishaps and Bridgetisms now have an impact on others.


It is laugh-out-load funny and tear-rolling-down-your-face sad in places.


I, like many women in their 30s have grown up with Bridget. As I bought the book in my local supermarket, I told Elizabeth; “Mummy was a Bridget before she had you and met Daddy.”


I suppose in this fast paced society we live in, there is always the worry we will end up being Bridgets again and I suppose that made it even more sad and poignant as many of us have become smug marrieds.


Bridget’s loyal friends are still with her and her wild Mum and Una who now live in a retirement complex.


And yes, the irresistible Daniel Cleaver is still on the scene but any sexual advances from him are quickly rejected so see-she has grown up.


I love a good book-hangover and I have definitely got one now. You know when you don’t want to spoil it just yet by reading another book too soon.

My last book hangovers were Phillipa Gregory’s White Queen and White Princess.


Other people may disagree but I don’t care. Helen Fielding is brilliant and she did the right thing killing off Mark.



As I said in a previous post-could any of us cope with a whole novel dedicated to Bridget’s happiness? Where’s the fun in that?


I will say the eventual love interest and happy ending were obvious from the start but that didn’t spoil it for me.


One last word of warning-if you are pregnant, depressed or in any other fragile state, I would strongly suggest waiting until you are stronger to read Mad About the Boy. I cried A LOT!!


Bridget will always be close to my heart and I am so glad she was resurrected. It was the right time.


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