Ideas for Using Old Tyres

Old tyres are plentiful at the farm and I am always looking for ways to reuse them. I’ve had quite a few planters out of old tyres and the children love making little habitats for their critters in them.

I thought I would make a list to prove how versatile an old tyre actually is and come up with some different things to use them.

A Planter. I suppose this is an easy one but there are some clever things you can do to take things on further from the ordinary planter including cutting them in half and making them Ito a hanging tyre and starting them for raised beds.

A Sandpit. This is a great idea and we introduced a tyre sandpit last year. The children sit on the edge and play with their sand toys in there.

A Rockpool. If you can get some plastic or pond liner, you can make a little pond or rock pool and add some shells and water plants. You could even add gold fish if the tyre is big enough.

Chick/small animal house/run. As long as you don’t have terriers, a tyre is a fantastic place for small animals to run around in if you put mesh over the top to deter predators.

Swing. I suppose this is the classic use for an old tyre. Who doesn’t love to swing from a tree?

Christmas decorations. You only have to look at Pinterest to see the amazing thing people have made out of tyres. From snowmen to wreathes, the options are endless.

Dust Bath for chickens. Fill a tyre with sand and watch them wallow. If you don’t let your he’s free range, this is a must.

Stands for water buckets. When we had the pigs, they were always knocking over their water buckets and by just placing it in a tyre, it totally solved it.

Dog beds. If you cut a piece of plywood or similar to the same size as the inner ring and cover it with fabric and a cushion, you have a lovely dog bed which will be warm in winter because it is off the ground.

Seating. Likewise as a dog bed, you could spray the tyres and make them into a low seating area in your garden.

Climbing frame. Bury half a tyre in the ground and do several at different heights it makes a climbing/walk over frame and would be suitable for children or goats.

Duck pond. A huge tractor tyre can definitely be repurposed as a pond for ducks. Just make sure you line it to stop any water running away.

Paddling pool. A massive tractor tyre and some water equals a fabulous paddling pool.

So what do you think? What do you use tyres for?

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