Introducing Siblings-With Ella’s Kitchen

It’s been a few weeks now since the new Princess Charlotte was born and I imagine her parents are glad of the lull in media attention.

Those first few weeks are so important for bonding with your baby, whether you are a princess or not.

The world swelled with love when Prince William took Prince George along to meet his baby sister and it made me wonder how he was been taking to the new addition.

When I was pregnant with Baby G, I read loads of articles and blog posts about readying children for the arrival of a brother or sister.

Boo came along to a scan but found it difficult to understand the connection between the gel on my tummy and the strange-looking baby on the screen.

We spoke about her new sibling quite a lot and I bought a book and a game to bring babies and all the equipment they come with into her life so they wouldn’t seem so alien when the baby arrived.


I knew I was having caesarean so I favourited the doll page on Early Learning Centre and, when we knew it was a boy, I ordered a boy doll and had it delivered next-day-delivery for my parents to bring to hospital so Baby G could ‘present’ his big sister with a gift.

As I should have learnt though, children never react how you think.

She behaved amazingly when I was in hospital, I think largely due to not having her routine changed. She continued going to nursery, ate her dinner at the same time each night and her bedtime schedule was adhered to.

The doll was not a success. I think more because she prefers Minnie Mouse to dolls but do be mindful when choosing a gift from their new sibling-make sure they will like it.


I think the upshot of sibling introductions, whatever their age is that even carefully planned activities and plans are futile. Nothing and I mean, nothing, prepares a child for a new brother or sister who sleeps most of the time, can’t play with them, cries and makes loads of noise and takes up so much of their parent’s time.


They need time to adjust to the new little person but I do have some top tips:



You’ve been up all night and got the baby to sleep at 5am but the older child wakes at 5.02am. Despite wanting to cry, use this time to do small things. Have a cuddle-just the two of you with no milk interruptions (hopefully).


photo 2

Despite people telling you to sleep when the baby does, I am afraid with more than one child, you are going to have to use baby nap times for playing with your other kids. Colouring or crafting is one of my favourites because you can basically sit lie on the floor and rest while still looking like you’re joining in.

It’s the small things.


The first time I had the two children to myself after the caesarean, I thought big. I prepared a whole afternoon of craft time for Boo and I but Baby G had to join us on the floor and, at the time, Boo was not in the least big happy about that. Cue a full-on melt down and tears from both her and myself because I’d aimed too high.

Children, especially the under 5s are simple creatures and Boo especially, prefers to choose her own activity. Even watching a bit of TV together or sharing a snack can be the perfect activity.

However your older children react to a baby, know that it will get better. Think about it. To a four-year-old, a baby is just a boring little thing who has taken their mummy away for large amounts of the day.

It took six weeks to get to this:


and a further few weeks for these:


Don’t worry. Big sister may not love baby brother for a while but it will come.


When Boo goes into Baby G in a morning, his smile on seeing his big sister, lights up the room.

She still has her moments-like trying to brush his hair with a tangle teaser but it is mostly well meant.

Despite a shaky start, Boo really is the best big sister Baby G could ask for.

photo 1

I wonder how Prince George is getting on with the new baby princess. Maybe Kate has cried on the carpet over crafts too.


*We were sent a beautiful parcel by Ella’s Kitchen to mark the royal baby and to highlight how great big sisters (or big brothers) really are.

You can watch a delightful video about Ella’s Kitchen and new babies below:


  1. Aww this is lovely!I remember coming home with my third and my middle boy,3 at the time,wouldn’t speak to me for hours!I cried my heart out!They wouldn’t be without each other now though…well apart from when they’re pulling each other’s hair and fighting over the last biscuit 🙂 x

  2. Lovely post with lovely pictures. Can definitely relate. I find my biggest current challenge is stopping my little monkey from cuddling her baby brother as she basically lies on top of him with her full weight. But at least she is showing love.

  3. Great post – thank you! I have always just stumble through the last couple of times, but I will be following your tips this time to try and make it easier. I definitely think time is the key.

  4. What a lovely post and a beautiful hamper for such a special big sister 🙂
    A really useful post though. I am a long way off having another baby yet as bubs in only 8 months old but it is real food for thought for when we do deiced to extend our family 🙂

  5. Fantatsic post hon and you are 100% right. I am guilty of aiming to o high and trying to do something really elaborate only for it all to end n tears (mine) because of course the baby doesn’t abide by your plans! Time is the most important thing and Monkey is starting to really have fun with his sister now and I can tell it is only going to get better as she grows! #MaternityMondays

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