Kleptamaniac daughter ‘hides’ car keys

ImageSo we went away at the weekend (I will try and blog about it later) and my 2-and-a-half year old decided to try on my engagement and wedding ring on with my Thomas Sabo bracelet.

I managed to prize the rings back but decided to avoid a full on tantrum and let her play with the bracelet, It was big enough that if she dropped it, I would be sure to find it. How wrong I was.

When we left on Sunday, I figured once we had packed up we would find it. We didn’t.

I asked the cleaners to look out for it and the reception but, after out last look around the resort, we returned to the hotel and they said they hadn’t found it (and thankfully didn’t mention the artful crayoning on the bed sheets-oops!)

It wasn’t diamonds but for me, it was quite expensive-you know the beaded ones and I had a little ‘E’ charm for Elizabeth.

I was gutted.

Thankfully when I unpacked at home, the little monkey had ‘helped’ pack by putting it in the toiletry bag.

However when I tried to return to work on Tuesday, I couldn’t find my car keys.

I had a vague memory of being preoccupied making dinner Monday evening and hearing her grab my keys and thinking I’d either better get them back off her or watch where she goes with them.

Fast forward 12 hours and, after she got in our bed at 4.10am, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I tried. I got on the sofa with the dog but by 5am when I thought I’ll be up in an hour anyway, I went downstairs to the kitchen and remembered about the car keys.

I searched for an hour to no avail.

When my husband got up at 6am I said ‘I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is I won’t be going into work. The bad news is our kleptomaniac daughter has had my car keys.’

Well it took most of the day to look for them.

I worked out they must have been outside as I remembered the little minx was out there when I called her in for dinner.

I even looked in the rabbit hutch.

When  rang work to say I would have to take a days holiday, it felt similar to telling your teacher that the dog ate your homework.

They ended up being behind our storage box in the flower bed.

So a days holiday thanks to my little monkey.

This is definitely a story to tell her when she is a teenager!




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