My 40 Before 40


I have been thing about becoming 40 for a while. It is by no means around the corner but it is the next ‘big’ birthday which I will be celebrating, or not.

I then read a blog post by about someone else’s list for turning the big 4-0 and it made me have an even closer think about what I would like to do.

I am not going to elaborate on my list. I will simply write a separate blog post when if I complete tasks and tick them off on here so do keep checking back regularly.

I have, like Naomi, grouped them into four categories-for ease of reading if anything else.

Some of them are quite ambitious-see number 18. Let’s see how many I manage.

Here goes.


1.Sew a garment with a sewing machine.
2.Knit a whole garment
3.Master making bread, once and for all.
4.Declutter everything.
5.Make jam with fruit I have grown or foraged. Does gin count?
6.Work my way through a whole cookbook.
7.Learn to decorate cakes


8.Breed goats.
9.Grow vegetables.
10.Hatch more eggs
11.Ride a Horse.
12.Think of something to diversify on the farm.
13.Camp out on the farm with the children.
14.Shear a sheep.
15.Learn to clip dogs.
16.Go on a butchery course.


17.Own a food mixer.
18.Lose 4 5 6 stone
19.Read Margaret Atwood books again.
20.Write a book.
21.Get an article published.
22.Have another baby.
23.Run 5k.
24.See a Shakespeare play.
25.Learn to fake tan properly.
26.Own a bike with a basket preferably like the beautiful one above which belongs to my lovely blogger friend at Life, Ninga Killer Cat.
27.Re-join a gym and go.
28.Buy a second-hand piano and play it.
29.Join the Women’s Institute.
30.Go for champagne afternoon tea-preferably at Betty’s.
31.Host a Midsumer’s Eve party.
32.Create a capsule wardrobe.
33.Wear high heels every day for a week.
34.Meal plan and stick to it for a month.
35.See Take That again.
36.Hold a garage sale.


37.Visit London again.
38.Take Boo to Buckingham Palace.
39.Go clubbing in Ibiza or Creamfields.
40.Go to Disney World-Florida or Paris.


  1. Oh wow! I absolutely LOVE your list! I especially love the you want to both breed goats and go clubbing in Ibiza. And thanks for mentioning my list too xx

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