1. Oh this is so true. Your boy is a beaut! How many times have I wished the minutes away to get my baby to bed, only to miss her once she is tucked up and asleep! I heard a lovely quote ages ago, that I try to remember: “The days will be long, but the years will go quick.”

  2. He’s gorgeous!! You’re right though it’s scary how quickly time goes. If we ever have another I will try & appreciate those first few months a bit more, with a mix of having my c-section & being exhausted I don’t think I did with Mini M xx

  3. Every stage goes so quickly and in a flash they’re at school and you’ve no idea where the last five years went! It’s easy to wish away time to get to an easier stage but you’re so right – each bit should be savoured. Enjoy.

  4. Awww he is so gorgeous. You’re so right how quickly time goes! It seems like yesterday that I couldn’t imagine my daughter being one! She’s 17 months old now! I can’t believe how much has changed in the last year and how quickly! I definitely appreciate it more now that I’ve realised how fast it goes.xx #maternitymonday

  5. Aw I loved reading this, reminded me of our first few months with two boys. And I can totally relate to your little one accepting baby G, my two get on as long as they don’t touch each others things. My youngest is now 2 and it makes me weep as time goes so quickly #maternitymondays xx

  6. Ah! What a gorgeous boy. I hope you continue to enjoy him as much as you obviously have been over the last six months! Makes me feel broody ๐Ÿ˜‰ #maternitymondays

  7. The last 6 months of pregnancy take forever but the first 6 months of a baby’s life fly by. Lovely photos, enjoy every minute! #maternitymondays

  8. Bless him that time has flown as I remember your birth story! I think I will chill more second time around as I feel the same; don’t think I made the most of it really. He’s a little cutie and won’t be long before he’s running after his big sister xxx Thanks for hosting #maternitymondays

  9. Erghh it just goes too quickly, Elarna is 4 months on Wednesday and I actually can’t believe it! I keep trying to take in every single day but each day goes so quickly! Lovely post.


  10. He’s so cute! Writing will hopefully help you appreciate all of the big (and some of the small) moments as they fly by. At least that’s what I’m hoping!!

  11. So many told me how quickly the time goes and many times I couldn’t believe them. And now over 18m, I look back and ask where the time went?

    6 precious months, what wonderful memories. May you enjoy the months ahead even more. #MaternityMondays

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