My little cleaner

This week, an epiphany of sorts happened in our household. I was tidying and cleaning the kitchen and Boo was having a little play, the odd dance while I did it. Sounds about normal up to there doesn’t it?

So when I had finished wiping the table, I haphazardly left the cloth there while I did something else.

When I turned around, Boo was cleaning the door.


It didn’t stop there. She cleaned the breakfast bar, my arm, the door frame, the cooker and then, when Hubster came in for tea, she carried on cleaning the table.

I have no idea where she has got it from.

I clean because I have to. I am not one of these people who enjoys cleaning.

My mum, on the other hand, walks around a lot of the time with a cloth in her hand. She freely admits she loves to clean.

Maybe Boo has picked up her habits.

It wasn’t a one off either.

Apparently today, after nursery, when she went back to my parent’s house, she cleaned their fridge door.

Hubster urged me to encourage her. I haven’t discouraged her. I am not into child labour but if she enjoys it where’s the harm.

I have produced a little cleaner and I could not be more proud.

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