My Most Popular Blog Posts of 2017

At the end of last December, I wrote a post looking back at my most popular blog posts of 2016. I have decided to write on again this year, because sometimes it brings up a few surprises-ones I wouldn’t usually expect to do as well as they did.

My most popular post, by far was the one about other people’s farmhouse kitchen tables. I knew this one would be interesting because who doesn’t like snooping into the lives of others?

I still love how every one is so different but has the family at the heart of it and I do go back and re-read it now and again.

Next up was my tongue in cheek post-how to marry a farmer. I still stand by all of this and I love how so many other people married to farmers related to it.

Pram reviews are always popular for bloggers and my review of the Uppababy Vista is up there in my most read posts of 2017. I am so pleased because it is a thing of beauty and I still love it as much (if not more) than I did when I wrote the review.

I wrote a piece earlier in the year which mentioned the transformation of our house when we first moved to the farm and, by special request, I wrote a photo-heavy piece of before and after to show the transformation.

The arrival of baby number three was a popular one. Everyone loves a birth announcement and our ives have definitely changed by becoming a family of five-something I will be eternally grateful for in 2017.

My dinosaur mad toddler inspired me to look at our top five dinosaur attractions in the North West and it seems I am not the only one who has a little one who loves things prehistoric.

My review of the Farmer Christmas book was also popular which is lovey because it was written by a fellow farmer’s wife and it is lovely to help one another. Not only that, it is a really good book and my children adore it,

I started my Women In Farming feature this year and I have loved highlighting the roles my 12 women have. Katie from Muddy Boots Farm is an inspiration at 26 so I am so glad she is in my top ten.

The piece I spoke of above was also a popular piece-looking at the strange quirks in our farmhouse and it too proved well read this year.

I am delighted that the final piece got the coverage it did. Many bloggers descend (uninvited) onto farmer’s fields to get the perfect Instagram photo of their children in oilseed rape fields. I argued that they wouldn’t like it if someone ploughed through their back gardens uninvited and it seems I may have made some people think. Treading on crops is tantamount to treading on someone’s livelihood and that is not right.

I feel like this year, I have moved away from the parenting blogging. As you know, I do still write about parenting on the farm but I would like to see my writing continue to reflect the diversity of life on the farm and in the countryside and all which that encompasses.

Wishing you a very happy New Year from Farmer’s Wife and Mummy.

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