My plea to children’s shoe manufacturers

Kids’ shoes.
They’re an expensive business aren’t they?
I am big on making sure Boo’s shoes are the right size. I had a Saturday job at Clarks and Russell and Bromley when I was at college and university and I went on the shoe fitting courses so I know the deal. The bones in children’s feet are soft and if they wear ill-fitting shoes, it will affect their foot health for the rest of their lives.

I do have a bit of a gripe though.
I wish children’s shoe manufacturers and designers would make the bright baby shoes in bigger sizes.
One of my demands when I visit the shoe shop was that Boo would not wear black shoes until she goes to school. My thoughts were that she would have to wear black shoes enough then, so some lovely pink, coral, yellow-basically any colour but black, would be just the ticket.
However have you visited the shoe shops on the high street recently?
Once a child’s foot goes beyond an 8 and a half (26 in European sizes), there is very little choice in terms of colour or design.
They do try but I don’t think a three year old should be wearing this type of shoe.


It should be more like this one but guess what?


They only go up to a 6 and a half. Boo is in a size 10.
Thankfully, where I live in Warrington, there is an independent shoe shop called Pip, Squeak and Wilfred  who stock Start-rite shoes but many, many other brands too including Lelli Kelly, Geox and Pom D’Api. They are qualified in foot care and measuring and, genuinely care about children’s feet.


(Our latest pair)

 So much so that just before Christmas, I had to give in and get Boo black shoes as they were the only ones that would fit her still chubby little feet.

black shoes

If it wasn’t for Pip, Squeak and Wilfred, I would have to shop for Boo’s shoes on the high street and that would be such a shame.
Children should have bright shoes not dull old black. The shop also run a loyalty scheme where you get a sticker on a card for every £10 you spend and when you get a full card, you get money off your next shoes. Even big high street brands can’t compare to that.

first year of shoes

(Boo’s first year of shoes).

Please, please, please shoe manufacturers, make nice shoes in bigger sizes.

To find out more about different shoes available, visit who have a mail order service if you don’t live near Warrington.
Please note this was not a sponsored post. We just love the shoes at Pip, Squeak and Wilfred.

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  1. I do agree – black shoes are for school, and I try and choose brighter coloured trainers and sandals for my older 2. When Max starts wearing shoes he won’t be having black either. I am thinking a nice soft blue, or maybe green…? Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. your defiantly right and i am gonna face this problem too once my little girl needs shoes hope by then the choice will be better. i think boys choices on the shoe colour are a bit better then girls ones in my experience w my son.

  3. Fab review I so agree, where are all the fabulous colors that pop!!!! Come on our kiddies don’t want to be in black all week long and then all weekend long. Make it fun. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing. #triedtested.

  4. I completely agree with you, and it’s even worse for boys’ shoes. Last time I took my son to a well known high street chain we were offered trainers or school shoes. They need to up their game!

  5. I HATE shopping for shoes – why are they all PINK?!?!? I don’t want pink shoes! Red or navy would do nicely thanks!
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

  6. Oh you might be able to help me then. Clarks sold us the 2nd stage shoes as they opened wider & were easier to get on (daughters 1st shoes) She is just learning to stand. But friend now saying they should have the softer soled ones, until walking properly etc. Do you know what is best? x

    1. im no expert but my boo was late walking so her feet were too big for soft shoes. they said hard ones would make it easier to walk but i would think if she is crawling more than walking , soft shoes might be comfier? if you’re not happy go back. clarks are usually good with that sort of thing. i always believe mum knows best xx

  7. Defo save black for school! Let kids be kids and have fun with their shoes!!! I wish they made them in adult sizes, let alone big kid sizes! Will defo have a look on their website! I always buy my Boo’s (great nickname btw 😉 ) online in bigger sizes and them just put her in them when she grows into them!

  8. Aww that sucks. We never buy high street shoes, the boys live in converse and vans so they are a little more lively than some of the usual options! I hope I’m not too cynical but it seems like just another way of trying to make kids grow up too quickly!

  9. Aww bless her, have you heard of Livie and Luca? (@livieandlucauk on twitter) they stock amazing colourful shoes and always have sales ones too. X #triedandtested

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