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If you follow me on social media, I am sorry.

This past week has been largely dominated by poultry.

I am a farmer’s wife so I am sure you expect some sort of farming blogging but, I admit it. This week has been extreme.

Total poultry-porn has been occurring.


I bought two hens a couple of weeks ago and, on a whim, I ended up,with two ducks earlier this week. Added to this my trip to the turkey farm, it’s been Poultry-R-Us.


It was bizarre. Around ten ducks were placed in a disused stable for me to choose. Cue lots of squeaking, tiny wing flapping and cooing. The cooing was me looking at how cute they were.

Lord Plum and Miss a Pancake, the ducks are lovely. A bit smelly but the cutest little things and I have spent the last week feeding them, trying to tame them and trying to get Boo to like them.

The feeding is the only thing that has gone well.

They LOVE their food these little duckies. The reduced aisle in my local Sainsburys is a godsend for my little livestock collection. Rocket for the rabbits and Chinese noodles (fresh) for the ducks.


They also like defrosted frozen peas and Basics sardines.

At the moment, they are squeaking rather than quacking and this week, while I was trying to do some DIY in my final attempt before Boo finished nursery for summer, I could hear those little ducks squeaking, right across the farm yard because I dared to be five minutes late with their breakfast.

I managed to buy a second house duck house off eBay so that became a little adventure, going to collect it with a little trailer attached to my car and Hubster revelling in the brownie points he had gained taking us.

They can’t go outside until their little feathers grow as, while they are still fluffy, they are not waterproof.

I have my eye on a corner of grass for the duck house and one of our old paddling pools.

I will keep you posted. Hubster is not optimistic. He said he had ducks years ago and the foxes got them.


The wet-behind-the-ears farmer’s wife that I am, is optimistic. Lord Plum, Miss Pancake along with Beryl and Sylvia the chickens will be ok. Keep your fingers crossed though.







  1. Oooh, your poultry news is on the much better variety than mine was this week! Sending lots of anti-fox vibes your way to ensure it stays that way.
    Many thanks for adding your poultry news to #AnimalTales and I look forward to more ducky stories!

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