New life, new lambs on a Saturday morning

One of the things I love about living on the farm is that every day is different. We knew the sheep were due for lambing any day but, we’d done a little family bet and suspected it would be tomorrow (Sunday).

We had a lovely lie-in this morning (Saturday), thanks to Boo-6.30am instead of 5.30am so, fresh as a daisy but still in my nightie, with my ‘farm coat’ and wellies, I had a quick walk over to the shed where the pregnant ewes are.

1st lamb

Low and behold a lamb! A  lamb! *Imagine a farmer’s wife with mascara down her face (bad beauty regime) doing a little dance-sorry about that image.

This is Boo and I’s second lambing as ‘proper’ farm residents but I can’t be any less excited. Who can resist a baby animal?

I rang Hubster who was still in bed having had his Friday night whiskey fix and excitedly chattered about going getting a latex glove and putting my hand up (I’d watched BBC Lambing Live all week-surely I’m qualified?!)

Hubster, ever the practical farmer that he is, said: ‘No I’m coming now’ and, I’m glad I didn’t because, by the time he arrived we had two lambs to two different ewes.

photo 3

By this time, Boo was also here in her pyjamas, wellies, coat and hat and loved looking at the ‘baby lambs.’

We have many, many lambs to come. We will have the triplet problem where we will probably be bottle feeding at all hours of the day and night but, at this point, I am so grateful to have this opportunity again.

So there you have it. Our own Lambing Live 2014 has finally begun.


Please support British farmers by buying British lamb. We go out in our nightie and wellies just for your Sunday roast.

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  1. I’m sure they will come in thick and fast now you have begun. we are just the same, six and counting as of today. My favourite time to be living on a farm it is just magical and wonderful for the children too. Thank you for sharing your new arrivals on Country Kids.

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