New Year New Goals, 2020

This is my second year of doing a New Year goals list. Last year, I made seven goals and I achieved five of them.

I did not lose 40 pounds and my sweat peas died. Rather than focus on the negative though, I learnt to crochet and have made countless granny squares. I started a veg patch, got the boys sleeping in the same room and used my big camera more.

The redecorating of my room nearly didn’t happen but a week before Christmas, the tropical green wall was finally changed to white and it became my little haven again. That is when I removed all of the diggers and dinosaurs from under my pillow.

So what do I want to achieve this year?

1. Lose 40 pounds. I know. I didn’t gain any weight last year so that is something but I was 40 in October so that is something but the baby is three in March so I am afraid blaming the bulge on baby weight is not going to wash any more.

2. Complete couch to 5k. I am a bit frightened about this one. I haven’t done any running since we’ll before having my second child.

3. Finish a crochet project. I made loads of little things last year and started lots of blankets but didn’t really finish any. I have started a blanket for our bed but it is a super king so I don’t know if I am being a bit ambitious. I suppose it is worth a try.

4. Get more ducks. I have been banned from any more chickens. The farmer did not say ducks. My first job is to either build or buy (or both if it is flat pack) a duck house. I need to know they are safe on the pond at night. I would also prefer young ducks rather than ducklings. They really are delightful creatures.

4. Have more goat babies and pure-bred Ryeland and Romney lambs. In a way this goal is out of my hands. I am hoping the sheep are pregnant. Time will tell.

5. Have another article published. I was a journalist for many years and, since finishing (paid) work when I had the first boy, I have had two articles published in proper magazines. I would love to get back into this this year and I think one is a sensible target.

6. Continue reading. In 2019, I read 16 books. I think this is probably achievable again in 2020 but I am not going to get too hung up on numbers and I do not want to put any pressure on myself to read any more. 12-16 would be lovely.

7. Declutter the house. I think we all have too much stuff and I readily admit that I am a hoarder. Every time I try to declutter, I chant “be ruthless” in my head. I need to stick to this. One room at a time.

So there are my 2020 goals. Can I do it? Make sure you are following me on social media –Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out.

Have you made any goals for the New Year?


  1. Love your goals!!! Especially the duck one I kind of mentioned I might do a half marathon in October, but having only really just got through couch to 5k am now quite scared I highly recommend the bbc and nhs couch to 5k app with Jo Whiley talking you through it cos she makes it cool

    1. Ooo I’ve downloaded that one and chose jo whiley but that’s as far as I’ve got yet 😉 watch this space

  2. Five out of seven is quite an achievement i’d say Emma. Don’t forget you also smashed your long held goal of owning a Chihuahua I think the new goals are doable but don’t stress about the 40lbs that will change on its own if you can join a Couch to 5K. Here’s to a great 2020. x

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