Our beloved Minty is 1

I feel a little guilty. In the excitement last weekend of the new lambs, I forgot an important birthday.

March 31st was Minty’s birthday. Minty is our pet lamb from last year.

From the moment that four-legged-love entered our world, Boo and I loved him.

minty 1

He was so tiny and we didn’t think he would make it but time and TLC helped and he is now a rather larger he-sheep (not a ram as he doesn’t have his little boy bits).

Last summer he played with Boo in the garden.


He lives in the field nearest the house and he is just a lovely, lovely creature.

I’m sure you are all fully aware of my love of sheep. They are such gentle, docile animals. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not thick.

When Minty was a small lamb, he used to sleep in the chicken coop with the hens to keep warm (and share their food).

We had to make the door smaller so that he couldn’t get in as he began to eat all of the food.

Minty is very like a goat (or a reindeer) in terms of food-he will eat anything and likes nibbling me and whatever I am wearing.

minxy minty

He did try to mount me once but I told him off and said he shouldn’t do that kind of thing to his mother.

Minty has grown up with Boo and we feed him every day and go and give him a stroke.

Legally, we need to ear tag him this week as he is a year old.

He won’t be going anywhere though.

Minty is part of our family.

Happy Birthday Minty. We will take him a celebratory Weetabix later.

birthday shot

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  1. How great that Boo has a pet lamb, we often have orphaned or rejected lambs and our recent bundle of joy is Ebony. She is a great hit with both our children and the visitors on the farm and can often be seen following the children around! Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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