Our New Baby Goats


The last couple of months, I have launched a little campaign with Hubster. Known in undercover circles as Operation Goat.

He was not convinced.

Then our trip to the Cheshire Show happened and I think he was surprised how small they were. So Operation Goat stepped up a gear.

I sent him picture messages of goats, ramped up my hobby of scouring Preloved for goat adverts and I found two.


Ex-petting farm and a reasonable price for goats. G and I arranged to go and see them the following day but the lady text me the night before saying she had put the price on wrong and that the price was for each goat not together. I was annoyed so said no thank you.

The search continued.

I am a true believer in things happening for a reason though. I came across another advert, sent a message and the rest as they say is history.

You have to have a County Parish Holding number in the UK to keep most farm animals so I gave it over the phone to the owners of the goats and arranged to go and choose some later in the week.

I could not sit still I was so excited.

They were only babies so we put the back on Hubster’s pick-up truck rather than take the trailer as, with them being so small, they may have been frightened in a big trailer.

Off we went and I was so surprised when we arrived.

We got them from a petting farm, just outside of Chester. It was a small (but perfectly formed) petting farm and we got to see lots of animals-including a big stinky rat.

We saw rabbits first before we were amazed by the Pygmy goat enclosure which was large and had various climbing frames for them to climb and jump around on.


They showed us Chocolate and Chip first, a set of nanny twins born on February 29th and I didn’t need to see any more.


Chocolate and Chip were the ones.

We got to look around the other animals while the paper work was being filled out and I also fell in love with a cow.


Met the twins’s Daddy goat


and saw some really cute pigs and donkeys.

Then it was into the back of the pick-up to go home.


I have been reading my caring for goat book from cover to cover and it said leave them for a day or two to settle in which I did, to a point. Some family member had other ideas.


I went to the country feed store and bought them bowls, food, a brush and some tiny harnesses.


After three days I let them sniff the harnesses and then slipped them on, giving them a treat afterwards.


Unfortunately they are so small that even the tiniest of harness was too big so I choose two dog leads made out of the same material as the harnesses (so my work there wouldn’t be wasted).


I needn’t have worried. I went to them, gave them a stroke and slipped the collars on.

I then connected the lead ropes (in hindsight I think dog leads would have been easier) and they went on their first walk around the farm.


I wanted to teach them on the leads for cute purposes but also because I can now take them to a field to graze with no worries of them running away-when they get into the field is another matter but I think that is for another day.


They sleep in Boo’s old plastic play house and have a slide in their enclosure for amusement although, I think the slide has amused me more than the goats.


They are the funniest little things ever and I am totally in love.



  1. Oh they are adorable. I have owned goats in the past and would love to have some more again one day soon. I also love that they sleep in the old play house and make use of the slide – that’s is my kind of recycling! Lovely to see some goats on #AnimalTales

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