Our No Waste Farm

One of the great things about having so many animals on the farm is that nothing gets wasted.

Left over meat goes to the farm dogs and cats.

Vegetable peelings go to the rabbits.

This week however, I have been ashamed.

My mum picked Boo up from nursery on Monday when I was at work and they told her that she hadn’t eaten her little Soreen loaf that I had given to her for her lunch but that they hadn’t minded because it was out of date.


Oh the mummy fail.

I felt awful.

I had bought two packets of the things but weeks had gone by and I hadn’t thought to check the dates on them.


I was also worried about the waste. Which animal would enjoy the Soreen loaves best? Yes they were out of date but they weren’t mouldy or anything.

I tried the chickens. They did seem to enjoy them but there were two packets of the things and I didn’t think they’d eat all of them.


I then remembered out friend in the front field.

Minty and his side-kick Chop.


Well, they thought Christmas had come early, bless them.

You can’t accuse us of not keeping our animals as part of the family.


*Please note, this is no reflection on Soreen. The bars were in date when I bought them it was sheer negligence on my part.


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