1. Oh that’s the worst gender reveal ever, the suspense is killing me! Come on baby, play ball! It certainly sounds like baby is well and active though which is lovely news.

  2. Baby sounds like a little tinker. I bet you are dying for confirmation. I had the same with number three too, he would not stay still on the scans and had hands and cord in the way and legs crossed. I found out at a later scan what I was having though, hopefully you get 100% conformation soon too xx

  3. You big tease. I was so excited when I saw this link on FB and I’m still none the wiser!! Lol. Little monkey baby needs to play ball next time xx

  4. My sister was told she was having a little girl and then at her next scan they said “Your little girl has grown a scrotum!”
    I don’t think I could go through pregnancy without knowing

  5. I really wanted a private scan and initially it worked out around my birthday so I could have it as a present but then dates were wrong and it came slap back over Christmas so we didn’t do it in the end!

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