Our Summer 2015 Bucket List-The Results

We are on the final day of the summer holidays. I actually thought yesterday was the last day and was fully prepared to arrive at school today for the first day until my friend broke the news that I had got the date wrong. Oops.

Anyway, I thought today might be a good day to revisit the list and see what I hoped we would do and what we didn’t manage.

This was the original list:

Go to the beach
Have a picnic
Go swimming once a week
Go to Chester for the day
Visit a new soft play place which has opened near us
go to an outdoor water park
Go on an adventure around the farm
Paint pictures outside
Have a day out with Daddy (straw making permitted)
Visit the Zoo or Safari Park

We did go to the beach. We had a lovely day at Blackpool and paddled in the sea and ate ice cream on the sand. Lovely.


I took Boo and Baby G to our pond field for a lovely picnic. It was one of the few dry, sunny days so we made the most of it.


Boo hates swimming and it is a battle to get her in the bath most weeks I am afraid we didn’t go swimming once a week. I just couldn’t do it on my own with the two of them.

We didn’t get to Chester or the new soft play centre or the outdoor adventure water park. We didn’t even paint pictures outside.

We did do a lot of crafting though and we had the day out with Daddy to Blackpool and we went to the zoo that day too.


On the surface, it actually looks like we didn’t do anything this summer but we did.

We spent every day together. We walked around the farm every day.


We played together, did the mundane things like shopping and cleaning but we did them together and, we usually had a laugh or sang a song whilst we did.

Boo got to take sheep to market with daddy. We met with friends, had friends come to us and played.


We got new animals, lost others (RIP Sylvia the chicken) I just wish the weather had been better.

Did you have a good summer?






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