• farmerswifeandmummy

      Thanks I know!! I feel so much calmer with them on my window and it pricks people’s consciences without being rude

  1. This is actually genius. Wow I seriously suffer from this rage as well haha. It is so hard to get them back in the car if someone has parked too close and you can’t exactly reverse out and leave them there in the car park while they wait. I love this idea.


  2. Such a simple yet clever idea! I’m sure there are still idiots who would ignore it on purpose, but I think this would be fab – especially for cars like yours where they can’t see the seat if the windows are tinted! Xx

  3. Oh nothing annoys me more than people parking too close. Last week (I’m 33 weeks pregnant) I had to climb over passenger side of the car to get back into my car. Very annoying!
    These stickers are fab! Count me in!

  4. Brilliant I have entered as this drives me insane! People can be so inconsiderate and I have ended up banging cars. Great post hun xx #maternitymondays

  5. What a great idea. I’ve recently had a rant about people abusing parent and child parking spaces. It really gets on my nerves. I also had some very uncomfortable times trying to get out of the car when I was pregnant and people had parked too close #maternitymonday

  6. Hi I am looking to purchase one of these stickers can somebody let me know where I can get one from please.
    From a determined professional nanny of 2 year old twins. Caroline

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