1. A very interesting and thought provoking post, Emma. Without going into to much detail, as our situation is not family one, Jon is the manager of our neighbours small farm next to us; takes care of lambing, upkeep, animal care and feed etc for our elderly, Welsh sheep farming neighbour. The farm as is will come to Jon when our dear friend, who was 81 this year, passes away. I hate to think of that day. The boys have grown up with him since we moved here 5 years ago, learning about lambing and how to take care of sheep and careering over the land on quad bikes, to the point where one is looking forward to having his own rare breeds. He is really a dear old man, crochety at times as with most old people but I will so miss him dropping in for “just a small tea”, on Christmas morning to share a drop of Welsh whiskey with Jon and with rhubarb and apples he harvests from his friends garden for me.

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