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I love the smell of Christmas. Cinnamon, Apple, real Christmas trees. The smell is as important to me as the taste and the sight of Christmas.

Think freshly baked mince pies, still warm from the oven and the warm feeling of Irish cream liqueur making its way down your throat while you are putting the tree up.

We have an artificial tree for no other reason than we find it easier. With kids and animals, we don’t have to worry about pine needles getting stuck in paws or feet and there is much less mess on the carpet.

We are not alone. Apparently, 67 per cent of households in the UK have artificial trees too but the only draw back of artificial trees is they just don’t smell Christmassy do they?

Well, thanks to some clever people in America, you can have the artificial tree with the smell of the real.


When you get your tree out from wherever you store it-loft, wardrobe, garage, mouse-ridden barn, they can smell a bit musty.

Thanks to ScentSicles, the much-loved scented ornament from the US that has launched in the UK, and are the perfect stocking filler or gift for the home this festive season.

ScentSicles ensure that you can keep that fresh-cut Christmas tree smell throughout the festive season. Simply hang ScentSicles scented ornaments on your tree, or tuck them into wreaths and garlands and enjoy 30 days of pure Christmas scent. Made from all-natural, biodegradable paper, sourced from sustainably managed forests and infused to the core with a pure fragrance, ScentSicles offer a greener way to scent the home.


We have a festive garland on a shelf in our living room so I tried a ScentSicle tucked behind there until the tree went up and the smell was beautiful.

Unlike some scents that are sickly and can hit the back of your throat, ScentSicles are discreet enough not to be over powering while strong enough to be effective.

Then when the tree went up, I couldn’t wait to hang some ScentSicles in it.

They come with their own wire hangers making it really easy to hang from the branches and the beauty of them is, you can’t see them.


So, apart from my dodgy branch straightening, my artificial tree could pass for a real one after all.

I just love walking past the tree and getting a whiff of fir.

I am so impressed with ScentSicles and I can’t wait to try the other scents.


ScentSicles are available from John Lewis and leading Garden Centres across the UK at £6 and come in four different scents: White Winter Fir, Christmas Time Spruce, Snow Berry Wreath and Two Dashes of Cinnamon, so you can choose which scent keeps you feeling Christmassy.

*I was sent a sample of White Winter Fir ScentSicles for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


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