School Shoes with Style and Stamina from Start-Rite #ad

So unless you have been living under a stone, back to school season is well and truly upon us. My eldest boy (middle child) is starting primary school in September and I think one of the biggest landmarks in a child’s life is getting those first school shoes.

With three children, I must have spent a fortune on shoes over the years but the peace of mind of well-fitting shoes is priceless in my opinion.

There are hundreds of little bones in feet and, with children’s feet continuing to grow right into their teens, it is so important that feet are measured regularly and are supported by shoes that fit.

We have been shopping at our local Start-Rite stockist, Pip Squeak and Wilfred in Culcheth, Warrington since my eldest started walking.

It is lovely because they know us by name as well as all the quirks of the children so the experience is well and truly personal and tailor made.

They are an institution in our village and I honestly wouldn’t get my children’s shoes anywhere else.

With years of experience behind them, I know that they will expertly fit our choice of Start-Rite shoes so my boy can skip off to school with only learning to think about.

After four years of buying my son cute little shoes in an array of colours, it does make me a little sad that black school shoes are the only choice now but thankfully, the choice available was still such that individuality can still shine through.

He chose a pair called Tarantula with little spiders on the strap and a really cool green spider in a bubble in the inside of the shoe.

The shoes are leather with a flexible sole for many playground antics. There is a cushioned footbed and padded ankle for extra comfort. Heel and toe protection is what sold it for me though helps to minimise scuffing which I know is a big problem with many cheaper shoes when children start school.

With foot health and innovation at its heart, British heritage brand, Start-Rite, is famous for its durable, stylish shoes, enabling children to explore in comfort and confidence.

Not only that, they have been a British family business for eight generations over 227 years.

Start-Rite shoes are designed to give children the freedom to go where they want, how they want and I am so pleased that we have a stockist so close to us.

Reception class 2019-we are ready for you now.

*We were gifted a pair of Start-Rite shoes in return of an honest blog post.

Many thanks to Pip Squeak and Wilfred who have put-up with us for so long and, hopefully for many years to come.


  1. Oh I love seeing those shoe measuring things! The memories of when I was young! My two are almost 12 and 13. The eldest is a size 7 already so don’t talk about how much shoes cost! The youngest starts secondary school this year (already very exited and was trying on some of his new uniform we bought the other day – no hand-me-down uniforms for Alfie as Harry goes to a different school in Aber whilst Alfie will be at the Welsh medium school closer to home.) I fear I’m rambling. Lovely post and love the Tarantula idea for the shoes.

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