Siblings, August 2017


The last month seems to have lasted forever.

It is quite nice really because usually, the weeks fly by.

Boo broke up from school.

While we have not been on any ‘official’ days out like to the kind of places, non-farm people go, we have enjoyed some lovely days out as a family.

Like to the abbatoir.

I know.

Summer is Hubster’s busiest time of year so we take the fun when we can.

Boo wakes up at the crack of dawn so, a few days after our family abbatoir trip, she went back with Daddy before the boys and I were up to collect the lamb for our freezer.

G has loved having his sister at home.

They have run around the farm like little farm kids should and I have seen a new found confidence in Boo which has been lovely to see.

Boo does like to put her little brother to good use but, thankfully, G is at the age where he is only just too happy to help.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. The big two do fight a lot and, if it has been raining all day and the children haven’t been outside, I can see the difference in them.

G is especially miserable if he doesn’t get to run outside so on those days, I have wrapped them in their coats, pulled the hoods over their heads and sent them out anyway.

I suppose some people may think this is mean but they are both better after some fresh air.

We’ve been blackberry picking a number of times because they are I’m abundance at this time of year.

They get to see where food comes from and I explained that year ago when people actually ate thing sin season, this was how everybody ate.

On out little farm walks, I pointed out the conkers and the acorns growing on the trees and we stopped a number of times listening to the leaves rustling on the trees. There is something truly magical about that sound.

I can’t believe it when I look back at the last siblings post and see how much the baby has grown.

He laughs at his older brother and sister constantly and loves watching their every move.

I like to think he is making notes of the mischief he can get up to when he is able.

I would say as he has grown, the older two have gotten a little bit rougher with him. So much so that if I have to leave the room, I have to take the baby with me. It must be because he is interacting with them more and, to be fair, they do rough play themselves sometimes so in a funny way, it is a kind of acceptance into their little group.

We have a bust few weeks ahead, preparing for back to school when my big girl will be going into Year 2.

I have conceded that it is much easier to get photos of two of them rather than all three as you can see from this post but I still yearn after that elusive trio photograph. Note how the baby is getting his ear pulled in the first photo. Poor baby.

Let’s see what the next month brings.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. OH your three look so adorable together here. Looks and sounds like they have so much fun together. I love all the cheeky laughter too. #siblingsproject

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