Siblings, December 2019

Christmas is hurtling towards us and we have been making the most of the festive season with Christmas fairs, nativity plays and general merriment.

I love doing the siblings posts as it forces me to look through the photos from the last month and choose the best ones.

It also makes me marvel then in December when I look back at the last year and see how much my babies have grown. I don’t think you notice it as much when you see them everyday but it has come as quite a shock to me at how much older they all look.

The quote, the days are long but the years are short is ringing through my ears. My eldest is nine in 2020 and the thought of double figures the year after is unbelievable. Two more may have arrived in that time but it only seems like yesterday that the little slithery baby was put on my tummy and we couldn’t believe she was a girl-we had been so adamant that the baby was a boy.

Anyway, back to siblings and, at the farm, it is Baby Bell who still seems to be the centre of all activity (and arguments). There is aways one of the boys who thinks they haven’t held/stroked/kisses or cuddled the little dog as much as the other.

We went to the Farmer Christmas Junior Farmers session at Kenyon Hall Farm and I felt like it was the first time they all participated. I suppose last year the baby was a bit young but it felt great this year that they all took an interest in the crafting.

The school Christmas fair was manic and lovely in equal measure. They had a festive photo shoot which I thought was a great fundraising idea as well as meeting Father Christmas and lots of sugar was consumed. So much so that the smallest rated when we got home and fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor, right in the middle of reading a book.

We then visited the Santa experience at High Legh garden centre in Lymm. We have been twice before but the youngest has never been and it never disappoints. We didn’t tell them about the miniature train ride to the grotto and I was so happy to see the joy on their faces.

Experiencing them marvel at everything together is the most lovely experience ever and I never take that for granted.

This year has seen ups and downs with the siblings but there has defiantly been more ups than downs and it makes me so proud to see how well they care for each other and get on.

Thanks for following their 2019 journey.













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