Siblings, October 2019

October has been a funny old month for the siblings. School and getting to school has dominated and while the little time they have had together at evenings and weekend has been precious, there just hasn’t been enough of it.

We did make the most of what we thought would be the last nice day and headed to the coast. It was windy in Southport but all of us benefited from the sea air and ice-cream and rare family time.

Then the rains came and we struggled even getting out for an hour after school without needing to towel down the kids and have a complete outfit change each time. We have had wellies on radiators every day because the heady mix of deep puddles and over zealous puddle jumping, often saw rainwater inside the wellies as well as outside.

The middle child is into frogs at the moment which is perfect for rainy days and he has made a number of habitats for his frogs and they have been in the washing machine several times.

I am very proud of him almost completing his first half term at school. He has taken it in his stride and really loves it which is brilliant.

The eldest I plodding on as usual but has also been doing great at school. She has a lot to cope with but seems to take it in her stride.

The baby has been a little pickle this month. From smearing a full, large tub of sudacrem over my living room carpet, to emptying a full tub of talc on my bed and running off at any opportunity, he really is letting his presence be know.

He loves his big brother and sister and I love it when people try to talk to the baby when we are out and about and the middle one says “he’s my brother” just incase they are trying to make them their brother. I think after the antics this month, people would pay me to take him back.

In the next month, we have Halloween and half term to look forward to. I think we will all be glad of the break.

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