Siblings, October 2020

I am a little later than usual with this month’s siblings roundup. The reason being that now they are pulled in different directions of the two schools and nursery, it makes it harder to get a photo of the three of them.

Two I seem to manage and I did wonder whether this was the end of my regular posts but the weekend came and I got them in complimentary coloured clothing. Yay.

The situation with Covid-19 is still looming about our heads like everyone else. We are trying to shield the children somewhat. Their lives have been turned upside down as it is and I really don’t think they need to know the fine details just that they need to keep their distance from people not in their bubbles and wash their hands.

With having three children at three different settings, I suppose it was inevitable that they wouldn’t always get the same school holidays.

As I write this, people are calling for a two week circuit breaker for schools but if that doesn’t happen, I have one off for one week then two off for the next week.

My daughter is off first and I am so looking forward to spending time alone with her. This has probably not happened for five years. Time with three children is the biggest luxury. It will only be for the three hours that the youngest is at nursery but I have some nice things planned that I know she probably wouldn’t enjoy so much if her rowdy brothers were in attendance.

The boys continue to love and fight each other with equal measure. Sometimes I wonder if I am more of a referee than a mother and I have contemplated making a red and yellow card for times like that.

I do love hearing them chattering to each other. It can be hilarious when I am eavesdropping. 

We are looking forward to Halloween to in the next month and then I imagine the deluge of Christmas will be upon us as it is already being advertised by most retailers now.

I will make sure I take more photos in November.

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