#smartDiscoveries Our Latest Smartrike Installment


Since our last Smartrike update, we are walking properly now. I say walking but as with most toddlers, it is more of a run.

Who knew such little legs could build up such a speed?

Being more mobile obviously brings with it a whole new set of problems-especially on a farm. There are just so many exciting things that he would rather get involved in-from climbing gates to sticking his chubby little hand into the mouth of animals.

The workshop is another level. I have found him under tractors and I am convinced, when he was about 14 months old, he was the youngest child ever to have diesel in his hair.

The one thing that saves me at the moment is the Smartrike. I can tie him in and know he s safe while I wheel him up to the goat enclosure to feed or groom them or near the hen hut to collect the eggs.

If it wasn’t for the Smartrike, I would not be surprised to find him on the back of a ram or chasing a killer-cockerel.

Like I said, I do still tie him in at 19 months but this is just so I can get things done, knowing he is safe. You see my little climber is fully able to get on and off the Smartrike himself now.

It is one of his favourite activities to life his little leg over the seat and he looks so pleased with himself when he is on there.

He has not mastered the art of pedalling yet but he gets around fine in our garden by shuffling his feet across the floor.

The new-found freedom is only a problem when he realises he is strapped in but my little houdini has, as yet, not managed to escape the straps-padlocks are totally acceptable, right?

I still stand by the fact that the Smartrike is my actual saviour in keeping G amused while I have stuff to do round the farm-he is much closer to the action than he would be in a pushchair and he can reach out and actually touch things which is perfect where animals are concerned.

My video around the farm may not be the most slick but neither is farm life so I think it marries beautifully.

We love being part of the Smartrike family. Do take a look at #smartDIscoveries on social media and some of the other videos made to take part. Especially this one from Lee Lee Loves who did it much better than me.


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