Start a New-Old Tradition This Christmas with a Yule Log


I have got to admit, when I was offered a Yule Log to review on my blog, I had expected the cake variety to arrive.

Imagine my surprise when an actual log arrived at my door.


I stopped laughing though and read the description which came with it.

Wow, who knew the history behind the Yule Log? It really is a special Christmas tradition from years gone by.

Apparently, people used to take part in a great ceremony in finding the Yule tree on Christmas Eve and bring it back to the village. Although different varieties of trees were used, oak was the most popular as it represented healing, strength and wisdom.

Originally, the whole tree was burnt-a section a day until the entire trunk had been completely consumed by the twelfth night. It was believed that doing so would cleanse away the previous year’s events, making way for the next 12 months. However, as people’s fireplaces became smaller, instead of the entire tree, villagers were each given their own Yule log to burn in the hearth.

My Yule log was supplied by Certainly Wood who stock a wide range of woods for burning. They hope a new generation of people and families will start a Yule Log tradition of their own.

With log burners being so popular now, wouldn’t it be lovely to re-kindle (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one) the age-old practice?

2015-12-04 13.35.17

Not having an open fire should not put a stop to your Yule Log festivities. If you have a fire pit in the garden, you could burn it in that-even a barbecue would work.

I really love my Yule Log and, for now, I am just using it as a decoration until nearer Christmas. I love wood and I love that you can see the bark and rings in the branch. I just hope I can bring myself to burn it.

The Yule Log costs £25 and comes beautifully packaged and gift wrapped and includes a box of Flamers Natural firelighters and kindling to light your fire. Plus an accompanying scroll, which tells the age-old story of the Yule log, plus instructions on how to light it.





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