Tackling Toddler Snacks with Organix and their #NoJunkJourney

Summer holidays are here and, while I have one school-aged child, the two hungry mouths that are currently eating solid foods, constantly make me worry about providing my children with filling, nutritious snacks.

My eldest child is currently on a medication that can make you more hungry so I am even more conscious than usual to make sure my snack decisions for them are the right ones.

Added to that, my toddler sees food as an inconvenience so most days, snacks are the only thing I can get him to eat.

Most kids would choose sugar and salt-laden foods a lot of the time but it is my role as parent to offer healthier alternatives to save their teeth and their waist lines from the consequences of eating unhealthy foods.

As part of my quest to take part in the Organix #NoJunkJourney, I have a few things I have up my sleeve to ensure summer snacks are of the healthy variety though.

The most important thing for me is to plan. Once your child says they are hungry, if you are not prepared, it is so easy to just give in to something like salt-laden crisps or sweets. Not only will these not fill them up for very long but they will get a taste for the bad stuff.

If you have a variety of healthy snacks on hand, ready for them, it will make your life easier and your kid’s lives easier because the food will be there ready for them. I don’t know about your kids but mine do not take waiting for food (or anything) well.

If you go to a friend’s house and are worried about them offering unhealthy snacks to your child, take your own (of course with enough for your friend’s children) or gently explain beforehand to the host that you don’t really allow your children to have a lot of sweet or salty foods. It may not go down well so you may have to pick your battles with this one. Is it worth a row or the risk of not being asked back.

I also always keep a supply of healthy snacks in my changing bag. Our favourites at the moment are Goodies gingerbread men and a variety of their crips. The beauty of these items is the children actually think they are getting a treat but they contain no nasties.

A packed fruit bowl is a good idea too at all times and I have it within easy reach of little arms. All the children know they can get that they what from the fruit bowl when they want it. There is the constant threat of finding every apple with a little bite mark in it but it is the chance I take every day.

I often liken parenting to being a zoo keeper or a referee. At least if you are prepared for toddler hanger, you may succeed more at keeping their little bodies topped up and do so with a clear conscience.

Whatever you feed them though, I am afraid I cannot help you with it feeling more like feeding time at the zoo than meal times.

What is your healthy snack go-to?

*This is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own.


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