The Big Christmas Shop



It’s almost that time of year when we start to think about our big Christmas shop.

One year we got my parents to have Boo and we were gone two whole hours. We needed a lie down when we got home. Two hours in Sainsbury’s!

Last year Boo came with us and we did the big shop in Aldi. Despite being an Aldi fan, I felt a bit short changed because while it cost a lot less, I was unable to sneak any clothing or shampoo into the trolley.

I think we may opt to do the big shop online this year both because of having the two of them to entertain and seriously? Is there not more to life than food shopping?

I don’t know.

Anyway, as the big stores release their Christmas delivery slots, I thought I would share with you my Christmas big shop essentials list.

I don’t mean turkey. I mean the trimmings which really make it feel like Christmas.

Pickled onions. I am actually a fan of these little lovelies all year round but there is something to be said about sharp, crisp spring onions with a bit of cheese.

While we are on the subject, I love cheese all year round too but you can’t beat a bit of Wensyleydale and Cranberry and the like-well what else would go with your spring onions?

Crisps. For Christmas, the ultimate Christmas crisp has got to be Pringles. Last year Hubster and I had some one night and forgot to take the tube downstairs to the kitchen. The next morning, I found Boo with her little arm fully submerged in the tube.

Matchmakers. What is it about Matchmakers at Christmas? I have no idea but I know it just isn’t Christmas without a box of minty or orangey sticks.


Port. Hubster and I would always have a glass bottle of Port while we put the Christmas tree up. Being pregnant last year really curtailed my port appreciation but I will be happily sipping it this year. It is a lovely warming drink at Christmas time.

Crackers. I don’t mean ones that go bang. I mean those large boxes of biscuits for cheese-to go very well with my cheese and pickled onions from above.

Nuts. Whether it is salted peanuts, walnuts or those string bags like my Nana used to get, nothing says Christmas cuisine better than a freshly cracked Brazil nut.

Baileys. Mmm that creamy drink which tastes lovely in coffee and even over ice cream or a mince pie. You have to have a glass of Baileys on Christmas Eve.

Batteries. I don’t just mean for kids’ toys although, buy ALL the batteries for them. A lot of my Christmas decorations take batteries too. The animated, singing toys that after three hours minutes, you will wish you hadn’t replaced the batteries. The little strings of fairy lights I have dotted around. Even one of my new baubles needs batteries. A must have at Christmas.

Chocolate Orange and Toblerone. I asked Hubster. These were his essentials. Quite right too I say.


What do you think are essentials for the big Christmas shop?

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