The reason for my low profile

The blog has been a bit quiet the last week or two.
As regular readers know, I like to post five times a week-sometimes more but I haven’t recently.

There is a reason.

You see I have a small amount of free time and, what time I have, I write. Recently though, my hands have been busy doing something else.

I’ve been knitting.


I found a lovely fox-coloured wool at Black Sheep Wools and I was inspired. I have already written about my obsession with foxes for Baby G’s winter wardrobe so I searched high and low for a fox hat pattern.

I found one on Etsy but when the pattern came, I just stared it for ages. It was totally beyond my naive knitting efforts.

Thankfully, my friend can knit so I sent some wool and the pattern to her.

I then found this cute pattern.

I just wanted a simple cardigan pattern and this, apart from the dogs, is. I did contemplate paying someone to knit cardigan for me but I can knit and I am not working at the moment so why shouldn’t I have a go?

I am nearly done with the body of the cardigan (you knit it in one piece rather than a back and a front) and, I hear the hat is finished so I need to get a wriggle on.

I am not 100 per cent sure it will work out but I am hopeful. I even found the cutest little fox buttons in my local haberdashery shop.

If it works out, I am going to knit both children versions with the dogs included.


I will keep you updated in my efforts.

I’m off to start the sleeves.


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