Tractor Ted Munchy Crunchy DVD-A Review

We are huge Tractor Ted fans in this house. We live and breathe farm (obviously) and we particularly love this series as it is a cartoon tractor set amongst a real farm.

My children are far too farm-savvy to be fooled by cartoon farms. They want the real thing and for this, Tractor Ted wins hands down.

We own quite a few Tractor Ted DVDs and, watching them as much a we do, I for one was quite relieved to get my hands on a new set of three episodes.

Munchy Crunchy and other stories is as delightful as ever.

Farmer Tom stars as always (every farmer in the toy farm here is called Farmer Tom. Daddy doesn’t even come into it, oops) and his sidekick Midge the dog who has got a certain farmer’s wife thinking maybe she needs this breed rather than the Labrador she had her hopes on.

Farmer Tom and Midge are hard at work and having lots of fun along the way. Viewers get to see real tractors and big machinery in action complete with new catchy songs as well as watching Les the tractor get into trouble.

For times when you need to get things done in the house, the three ten minute films are the perfect chance to do so but, in all honestly, even I like watching Tractor Ted.

The informative side of Tractor Ted is affectionately known as ‘Ted-ucation’ as children learn about the workings of a real farm.

The first film, Munchy Crunchy joins Farmer Tom and Midge finding out about where carrots come from.

The second, Moovie Time sees what cows are fed and how their meals are prepared and tractor driver, Les brings in the cows and makes their food using a feed wagon.

Timberrr! Is the third film and it is all about forestry machines- watching trees being cut and sent to the saw mill to make fence posts.

Even the farmer loves watching Tractor Ted and, for my two boys who are constantly moving, this is the only time in the day that they are still. I’d call that a result.

The Tractor Ted Munchy Crunchy DVD retails £8.99 and is available from all good retailers and direct from Tractor Ted.

*We were sent Tractor Ted Munchy Crunchy for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Does anyone know why only 5 episodes with this version of ted and Tom? The other ones just aren’t enjoyed as much in our house

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