#TweetABeat with Bratz-a Revelation and a Review

We love dolls in this house. For Boo it has taken a while to get into them but my own love of anything fashion doll on my childhood has made me persevere with her.

Someone gave her an old doll and, since then, she has been hooked.

We have never tried Bratz dolls before so, when we were offered one to review, we jumped at the chance.

According to the website, The Bratz believe in thinking for themselves, creating the things they dream of, and making every day an absolute adventure. Now that seems more of an aspiration than the dolls I used to play with.


There are different characters available and we were sent Yasmin-an earthy, boho hippie.

She loves animals, poetry, nature, and music so she has definitely come to the right place.

The chickens thought Yasmin was very interesting.

She even helped with the horses.


She is definitely a keeper.

The reason we got to adopt her though is that Bratz are encouraging children to identify what their favourite songs are and talk about how different songs make them feel.

I asked Boo a series of questions about music and these are her answers:

bratz songs

I can only laugh about Sash! I do have their greatest hits and she loves it when it comes on in the car. She even does a little beat-box sound when it is on. Who knows, maybe we could take Yasmin clubbing in Ibiza one day.


For now, both Boo and Yasmin will have to make do with the farm but we are all very pleased with our new friend.


You can use the hashtag #TweetABeat on twitter to tell Bratz what your favourite song is.

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