Unexplainable Onset of ENT Problems – A Sign of Long Covid?

Sometimes life on the farm can be difficult enough but when faced with ongoing health-related issues, it becomes all the more challenging. Depending on the season of the year, sometimes ongoing issues can cause a major disruption in your ability to get out and about with chores that need doing. And so it is with those suffering from the symptoms of Long Covid.

Although research is still in its infancy, there is already a whole body of information pointing to the presence of Long Covid in the onset of ENT problems that were never present before. Are you experiencing ear, nose and/or throat symptoms that have lasted from a bout of Covid-19? If so, here is some of what you might need to know.

Begin with a Visit to an ENT Specialist

This may be difficult to do if you are waiting for a referral from your NHS provider. Not only are appointments difficult to book but once you are in the clinic for that long-awaited appointment, you may also be waiting weeks, if not months for a referral to an ENT specialist. 

If you notice that you are experiencing problems such as loss of smell, taste or hearing for no apparent reason other than you’ve recovered from the coronavirus, then you may want to get into a private ear, nose and throat private specialist like that at ENT Sheffield. They will often begin with tests which can be done to rule out other conditions, but only a specialist ENT surgeon can make an accurate assessment. Losing all sense of taste and smell can be uncomfortable but problems with your ears could have devastating effects, and these are all things they will look for.

Long Covid and Your Ears – A Recipe for Disaster

Until you begin to lose your hearing, you can’t imagine what kind of dangers you might be exposed to. For example, working on a farm often puts you in the path of heavy farm equipment or untrained livestock for that matter. Losing the ability to hear ‘danger’ approaching can lead to unnecessary accidents. Not being able to taste those lovely fresh eggs you’ve gathered is one thing, but not being able to hear the tractor ploughing the field is something totally different!

How Long Will Long Covid Symptoms Last?

As mentioned above, there is still not enough information on exactly how Long Covid will last and what kinds of symptoms to look for. There is no doubt that unexplainable ENT problems ‘could’ have been caused by the virus, but were they? Then, when a definitive diagnosis has been reached, what then? 

How long will you not be able to taste food or smell the flowers you have planted in your garden? Will you suffer lifelong hearing loss, and if so, to what extent and are there treatments available to lessen the symptoms you are experiencing? There are many questions yet to be answered but if you have any suspicion whatsoever that you are experiencing Long Covid, a trip to the ENT can help see you through this time.


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